The people behind and on Telehack

Telehack's mission couldn't be successful without the players playing it. This page is dedicated to all, who are participating in this game, and also introduce those, who were there, who could enjoy the times what Telehack is trying to recreate.

Well known players

  • forbin - The creator of Telehack. His real identity is unknown. He runs his own company, lives in Mountain View, California, United States. He has a son.
  • wm8s - Also known as Rob Bailey, HAM radio operator. Callsign: WM8S, South Charlseton, WV, United States
  • egroj - The self declared 'King' of telehack. Has more roots than any other user by an enormous margin.

Non-playable characters

  • Operator - Telehack System Operator and Automated Administration
  • lorelei - Loreli Horner

Past users and their stories

This section of the page would like to dedicate a thank you to all, who have been participating the game, but lost contact with it long time ago.

  • jamgrrl - Also known as Luna Lindsey, the founder of the Telehack Wikia.
    Contact: Twitter
  • Norbert - Previous Telehack Wiki admin, has since moved on.
  • ihaveroot - Current Telehack Wiki editor and upkeeper ~Still uses Telehack


Telehack has been found worth of playing also by many known hackers and crackers, who wanted to relive the old memories of older times as well. Here shall come a list of people, who have been around since it has been put online.

2012.04.11 - Kevin Mitnick - The famous hacker, who based his hacking on social engineering.


Through the history of Telehack, it has been also visited by some more, well known people. Here shall come a list of famous people, who visited or were users of Telehack for longer or shorter time.

2011.05.12 - Wil Wheaton - Actor, known for his role as 'Wesley' in Star Trek - The Next Generation

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