Half the fun of Telehack is reading all the text files available on the various servers and BBSs. For the most part, these are real files that circulated during the 80s and 90s, and were one of the primary reasons people logged into BBSs and the internet. These were often jokes, how-tos, security advisories, or entire novels. As you browse around Telehack, you will find some pretty amazing text files, all restored to life. You can participate in your own data archeology by reading some of these to see what you discover.

Text files commonly end in .txt, .nfo, .doc, or extensions related to the content of the file, or extensions that make no sense. If it's not recognizable as a .exe, .gam, .bas, or other known filetype, it is probably a text file, and you can read it using the more command.


List of Interesting Textfiles