The Telnet command is a useful command. It is similar to the Rlogin, as it allows the user to access a host. However, Telnet requires you to enter your user name and password, whereas Rlogin does not. To use your user name and password, you must have login on the specified host. If you do not have login on the host, you can either Porthack it, or you can use GUEST as the user name.

[ames]$ telnet rex
Connected to REX

Tulane University, Dept. of Computer Science
Pyramid 9815 OSx 5.1 (UNIX)

login: danamals

Authentication successful.
Last login: Thu Apr 18 13:43:34 2013 on line (504) 865-5840
#  WARNING:  You must have prior authorization to access this system.
#            All connections are logged and monitored. By connecting to
#            to this system you fully consent to all monitoring.
#            Unauthorized access or use will be prosecuted to the full
#            extent of the law.