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Welcome to the Telehack Wiki is a nostalgic text-based web and telnet game that simulates the internet and BBSs of the 80s and early 90s. Hack into servers, read old text files, browse the Usenet, and chat with friends using many of the same commands you would have used in the 1980's - 1990's.

Disclaimer and important information

This wiki is un-official, and has no connection to the creator or administrators of Telehack. All content herein is cobbled together by various users and is very unlikely to be verifiable. See changelog.txt (on Telehack) for details on how often things change. This wiki was intended only to be used for vague hints, not spoilers, but since it is a wiki, there are always people out there who can and will turn this website into a colossal garbage fire.

It is important to note that Telehack is just a simulation of what hacking was like back in the early days of computing and that all acts of hacking depicted are entirely fictional. No actual hacking occurs on Telehack. It's just a GAME people.

On editing the main page or subsections:
All edits are IP-logged, if you have an idea or would like to propose a change, please mail norbert79 or ihaveroot within Telehack or on their user-pages. Thank you!

From privacy.txt:

Telehack is a non-commercial service operated for the purposes of education and preservation of online digital culture.
Telehack is a game, simulation and digital museum. Actual hacking or discussion of actual hacking is not permitted on Telehack.

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  • Add character-based screenshot for every executable / command
  • Add detailed information on executables (regarding how they work and such), and how it's working within Telehack
  • Add categories to each of the page!
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