This following article will explain the significance and usage of the built-in relay chat of Telehack. In the second part you will find useful information on accessing users through the IRC, outside of the Telehack system.


Relay is a predecessor to IRC. It is based on the BITNET Relay, one of the early chat systems used on the internet. On Telehack, it provides a single channel of communication for all logged in (real) users. Users must of course be also running relay.

The /bg command is very useful for putting relay into background, so you may continue hacking hosts, playing adventure games, reading text files, and causing trouble. When /bg is used, chat messages appear in-line beginning with a % symbol. You can then re-enter relay by typing "relay" at any command prompt, or you can send a message without entering relay by typing "relay <message>" or "relay <command>"; Ctrl-R brings you back directly to relay as well.


Command Description
/bg backgrounds relay; exit relay shell but continue to receive relay messages
/clear clear screen
/help print this message
/ignore <x> ignore user <x>
/log show relay log
/logfull show relay log with enters/exits
/me <x> emote <x>
/quit exit relay
/send send user
/status <x> set status to <x>
/w systat
/who who's on relay


Within the /log view use the following keys for jumping around the log:

Key Description
space Scrolls one page of text
b Scrolls back one page of text
k Scrolls back one line of text
j Scrolls forward one line of text
/ Search
g Jumps to top of the whole log
G Jumps at the bottom of the whole log
q Quits the log view


Telehack has an in-official IRC channel as well, where you can also contact Telehack users, get help, or just be around. You can access the Telehack IRC at:

Port: 6667 (6697 for SSL)
Channel: #telehack

Administrators are: art, arfonzo, norbert79

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