Pdebug, or ProcessDebug, is an .exe file used for debuging processes of a host by checking current values at certain addresses and allowing them to be changed. This program does not require root to run so it is commonly used to kill processes by causing a %segmentation fault in the process. The only drawback, besides the learning curve, is that the program's size is 832kb, very large, therefore not all hosts have the space to store this program, so killproc.exe is a more viable option at 299kb, even though it requires root and only does netstat host processes.


  • " l" (L) - shows the process's starting and ending address
  • "e <address>"- shows the specified address's value
  • "d <address> <value>" - allows you to change a specific address's value

Example use: (after connected to the process)


Start = 1000 end = 7FFF

pdebug>e 1000

1000> 1

pdebug>d 1000 34

1000> 34

pdebug>d 1001 255

1001> 255

pdebug>d 7000 255

7000> 255

%segmentation fault - pid 3

example's processs 3 killed