¤ News - 2013.01.01 ¤

Good news everyone, we have survived 2012, so Happy New Year all of you! And to start the year with a nice boost we have a new flood of German players on Telehack going on right now: [norbert79 42 Tue 01 Jan 2013 05:46:54 AM PST telehack 56 users]

So it's an article again: Spiegel Online - Seltsame Zeitmaschinen
It's an article about retro computing websites, which also simulate old times, like Telehack does. Worth taking a look, you might find some other interesting sites too!

Have fun in 2013 as well, looking forward to you all!

Norbert79 (talk) 13:50, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

¤ News - 2012.10.11 ¤

Time flies. I have just seen some new faces around, some came from, some have read Ready player one, a book written by Ernie Cline. Worth taking a look!

Meanwhile forbin is attending other tasks, hope he will have all his tasks behind him and stay among us a bit more often.

¤ News - 2012.08.01 ¤

After long months of usage of the SynchroNet IRC Network it has been decided, that we move our channel to Reason:SynchroNet has become very unreliable, and services were down for a while by now (the owner of the main server, netsurge, seems to be missing for a while by now. Hope he is all fine). We really hope that OFTC will prove worth spending time at.

So the new details are:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667 or 6697 for SSL
  • Channel: #telehack

Norbert79 14:02, August 1, 2012 (UTC)

¤ News - 2012.06.28 ¤

Today's article is about a device and network, which never really got too much attention outside France, but was famous and beloved by millions of users: The French network Minitel will be shut down on the 30th of June, 2012.

Let's spend a moment of silence and remember this moment, since we just witness a passing off a service, which has formed the face of a whole country, and reserved it's place in IT history well. What was(?) Minitel?

Minitel was a network based on the similar technology of Teletext, started in 1982 based on the so called 3615 service (Services were called with short names, like ULLA or MEN). The protocol used was X25, based on 'V23', similar to the modem technology. Accessing the service was by dialling the phone number of 3615, and by typing in the service a user wanted to use. The connection speed of the device was 1200/75 bps, 1200 bps for receiving, 75 bps for sending. The terminal itself is VT100 compatible, and with it's serial COM port it's COM connection capable.

While the service was quite expensive compared to regular Internet, it was a 'cornerstone' of the French users: It was easy to handle, offered the services the user wanted, and did the job flawless (well, most of the time, depending on your phone connection). It was available everywhere and now it's going to be shut down forever (?).

I doubt it's the end of Minitel: recently IT and many have turned back to old technologies, since people started understanding, that for providing the same thing you don't need a computer which is twice or three times faster, than your previous. Nowadays even mobile phones are equipped with stronger processors, than the computers around 10 years ago. With the appearance of devices like the Android phone, Raspberry Pi, MK802 and the interest in open sources and alternative operating systems a new era of IT was born, where the golden era is just straight ahead of us. And this attracts the interest in older technologies while opening new possibilities as well for everyone of us.

And with the help of these devices maybe the Minitel can survive, like Gopherdid. Long live Minitel!

Minitel wikia 2

Minitel in action

¤ News - 2012.05.06 ¤

Looks like a new article popped up on a brasilian webpage about Telehack again. - Get ready, the game is being a hacker

Looks like Telehack will have a new load of new users. For celebrating this Wikia got vandalized, again. Though all modifications have been removed, and everything is back to business as usual, but I have a message to the idiot, who has done this:

Do you realize, that vandalizing a Wikia won't make you look cool but you only make it just being more closed? Since I start distrusting any new user/visitor, I really have to limit the accesses, so basically spoiling the whole concept behind of it. It doesn't make you look cool, it just makes you look like a fool, spoiling the whole concept of this useful page.
Anyway, I have your account locked out, so say bye-bye to any further edits from your side.

<Update:> Here some reports coming directly from the front, given for you from Tytynguyen:
On May 5th, 2012. A group of hackers invaded the telehack systems. Creating accounts; then using them to connect to hosts; using a script. This happened throughout the day starting from around 6 A.M. The people who were on telehack at that time; tried to defend the hosts with their life. They killed the processes and moved on to the other bots. At around 12:30 P.M., the telehack server went down. It came back up in a couple of minutes and the battle continued.

TELEHACK SYSTEM STATUS  06-May-12  13:41:51
209 users

   port  username    status                 last  what            where
   ----  --------    ------                 ----  ----            -----
   0     operator    System Operator        8s                    console
   175   anonman     Anonman                0s                    Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
   199   kingshark   Kingshark              0s                    Vinhedo, Brazil
   540   nero        Nero                   0s    porthack        Cricizma, Brazil
   495   roregk      Roregk                 0s    mail            Ibiruba, Brazil
*  280   norbert79     0s    w               Szikesfehirvar, Hungar
   170   anon1mous   Anon1mous              0s                    Araraquara, Brazil
   359   porraloka   Porraloka              0s    telehack        Salvador, Brazil
   64    -                                  0s                    Brasmlia, Brazil
   503   mrnajinb    Mrnajinb               0s                    Juiz De Fora, Brazil
   136   adriano     Adriano                0s                    Sco Lums, Brazil
   28    yurirosas   Yurirosas              0s    help            Brazil
   250   -                                  0s                    Itu, Brazil
   146   silver      Silver                 0s                    Salvador, Brazil
   565   pog49       Welcome to Serenity    1s    killproc        Portsmouth, UK
   524   -                                  1s                    Correntina, Brazil
   115   gphh        Gphh                   1s    mail            Sco Josi Do Rio Prjto,
   66    marijuana   Marijuana              1s                    Pitanga, Brazil
   469   notlin      Notlin                 1s                    Belim, Brazil
   380   unknown     Unknown                1s    telehack        Sco Josi, Brazil
   271   -                                  1s    newuser         Bauru, Brazil
   163   -                                  2s    users           Sco Paulo, Brazil
   138   kragor      Kragor                 2s    porthack        Sco Paulo, Brazil
   73    kiko        Kiko                   2s    login           Jaragua Do Sul, Brazil
   489   znicker     Znicker                2s                    Fortaleza, Brazil
   307   ranzer      Ranzer                 2s    hosts           Porto, Portugal
   23    higor2012   Higor2012              2s    hosts           Cricizma, Brazil
   555   -                                  2s                    Sco Josi, Brazil
   391   huugob      Huugob                 2s    starwars        Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
   59    nomin       Learning               2s    uupath          Middletown, MD
   392   thouru      hey                    2s    zork            Cascavel, Brazil
   390   worg        Worg                   2s    mail            Pelotas, Brazil
   384   -                                  3s                    Sco Paulo, Brazil
   445   -                                  3s    eliza           Itapolis, Brazil
   81    rodfp       Rodfp                  3s    porthack        Araras, Brazil
   33    hcl         Hcl                    3s                    Sco Gongalo, Brazil
   180   jv9000      Jv9000                 3s                    Maceis, Brazil
   449   marmuk      Erpen                  3s                    Porto Alegre, Brazil
   164   lemacedo    Lemacedo               3s                    Piracicaba, Brazil
   323   -                                  4s                    Porto Alegre, Brazil

And here is a list of running processes of a server:

pid    user      start  program
---    ----      -----  -------
3      tyty      15m    rootkit
24426  tyty      8m     root
29099  tyty      7m     shell
36789  rhianon   4m     rlogin
39513  tyty      16m    bsdkit
42949  vitorino  4m     telnet
44272  tyty      1m     root
54208  rodieer   3m     porthack
57140  hitmamx   5m     rlogin
59413  pltt      4m     rlogin
62070  yurihs    1m     porthack

Norbert79 21:06, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

¤ News - 2012.05.02 ¤

Our inofficial channel #telehack has received a new bot, called Garfield. The bot runs 24/7, and offers the following:

  • RSS feed for the following news sources:
    • latest releases
    • Telehack Twitter
    • Telehack Wikia
  • Youtube title translation
  • The following commands can be used:
 seen        = Displays information about a user seen last time
 !conditions = Current weather condition for one location
 !dns        = Resolves hostname to DNS
 !forecast   = Weather forecast for a location
 !ip         = Detailed information on an IP address
 !ucc        = Universal currency converter
 !weather    = Weather conditions and forecast for a location

For further help please use: /msg Garfield help. FatcatBotis still active, so feel free to use that as well.

Usage: HELP <module> <command> | HELP <command>
[main] help,?,ident,quote
[dice] roll,dice
[admin] whois,eval,finger,udpfinger,lastspoke
[weather] weather,forecast

Norbert79 08:20, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

¤ News - 2012.04.11 ¤

Today Kevin Mitnick visited Telehack, made a flood of new visitors to the game. Today's highest user number was 138, while 12 users in relay. Even Kevin himself registered, his userID is mitnick, and shows the following information:

USER: mitnick
   system level:          1 (USER)
   account age:           0 days
   last login:            1h
   location:              Las Vegas, NV
   system connects:       3
   commands executed:     49

   user status bits:

      ACCT      Registered User          11-Apr-12  01:22:29

Of course the attention caused a massive flood of new visitors, and around 30 users registered since. I hope, that after the wave many of these new users will stay online for further play as well.

Norbert7918:54, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

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