The following list contains a list of all commands available within Telehack. The table lists the virtual memory address to each of the commands (where the command can be found in the main telehack's 6502 RAM), the name of the command, it's type as being stored within Telehack VM, and it's description.

Memory address Name of the command Length of command name Description
6672721 ? 0x01 Lists possible commands without descriptions
5033742 ac 0x02 Lookup an areacode or an areacode-prefix. AC <NPA>-<NXX>
- admin 0x05 Unknown. Not authorized for regular users
2525361 basic 0x05 Start the Dartmouth TeleBASIC interpreter
6321522 baud 0x04 Set baud rate (direct telnet only)
2255621 cal 0x03 Print a calendar. CAL <YEAR> to print a calendar for a certain year.
6211564 calc 0x04 Start the calculator
2364523 call 0x04 Invoke the system monitor to jump to a memory address
0702640 ching 0x05 The Book of Changes
3766001 clear 0x05 Clear screen
- cls 0x03 Clear screen
2702364 cmdstat 0x07 A statistical display of commands ran by the users
1310017 cowsay 0x06 Configurable speaking cow. COWSAY /LIST for options
1253135 daytime 0x07 Print day and time
- df 0x02 Show disk usage
5212555 dial 0x04 Connect to a telephone number with modem. „dial /log” show modem connection log
1710163 dir 0x03 List files
2610461 eliza 0x05 Converse with an AI psychotherapist
0477762 exit 0x04 Terminate and return to previous shell or logout
4457564 factor 0x06 Print the prime factors of a number
3537203 fds 0x03 List of file descriptors. Not authorized for regular users
6525611 figlet 0x06 Make large letters out of ordinary text
0764505 files 0x05 Lists files using a BBS-like menu system
6617747 finger 0x06

Show users on current system. FINGER <USER> to shows inforation about a user, FINGER @<HOST> to show users logged into a host

0107261 fnord 0x05 Generate a fnord
- fortune 0x07 Generate a quote from the 'fortune' database
- ftp 0x03 Transfer programs between hosts
0361653 geoip 0x05 Show location and ISP of an IP address. GEOIP <IP>
7445512 halt 0x04 Halt the CPU
2727545 help 0x04 Show a list of available commands with descriptions. HELP /ALL shows all commands
3143410 hostname 0x08 Print the hostname of the currently logged on system
3577605 hosts 0x05 Show list of major network hosts. HOSTS /ALL for all network hosts, HOSTS /BBS for bulletin board systems, HOSTS /SEARCH=S to search for hosts
4442155 ipaddr 0x06 Show current IP address
7227742 joke 0x04 Show random joke from unified joke database
5273523 kill 0x04 Kill local process KILL <PID>
- killuser 0x08 Kill user or port. KILLUSER <USER or PORT>
- l 0x01 Displays the list of files in Unix format
- last 0x04 Show the list of last logins for the server the user is logged in
2460052 link 0x04 Link the output from another user or port to this TTY. LINK <USER or PORT>
4246734 log 0x03 Show user account log
- ls 0x02 List files
2065271 mail 0x04 Electronic mail system
- more 0x04 File perusal filter for paging viewing. MORE <FILE>
- motd 0x04 Display the message of the day seen at login
0436226 netstat 0x07 Show connected hosts
3620774 octopus 0x07 Octal/hex/binary/ascii key dumper
3076537 password 0x08 Change password
7336556 phoon 0x05 Show phase of the moon
7740737 ping 0x04 Test a host for availablility. PING  <HOST>
- ps 0x02 Display the running processes
2425152 ptycon 0x06 Console administration
6056462 quest 0x05 Start a hacker quest
3313443 rain 0x04 Animated raindrops display
- reboot 0x06 Reboot the running host
7122061 relay 0x05 Enter relay chat system. If relay is backgrounded, RELAY /<COMMAND> to execute relay command and RELAY <MESSAGE> to say message. ^R (Ctrl+R) for quick relay.
5356534 rem 0x03 Ignore input until ^C (Ctrl+C)
- remps 0x05 Remote server process listing. REMPS <HOST>
- rm 0x02 Delete a file. RM <FILE>
6645447 rlogin 0x06 Login to a host using your current authentication data instantly. RLOGIN <HOST>
2060645 run 0x03 Run any executable/gam/bas file as user. Limitations apply to guest accounts!
4646312 score 0x05 Zrun score leaderboard
6270445 send 0x04 Send message to another user. SEND /(UN)BLOCK <USER> to block a user
- setmotd 0x07 Set the message of the day banner for the host
- set 0x03 Type SET ? for a list of options
- show 0x04 Type SHOW ? for a list of options
- sleep 0x05 Wait a certain number of seconds before returing to the previous prompt.
3420755 startcpu 0x08 Start CPU
2556533 starwars 0x08 Show an ASCIIMATION Starwars movie
1175632 status 0x06 Set status message for systat/finger
7430551 stty 0x04 Print terminal attributes. STTY /ANSI or STTY/DUMP to set terminal mode
- su 0x02 Switch to root
- syslog 0x06 Print system log
4235466 systat 0x06 Show users on current system
5762544 talk 0x04 Interactive chat with another user. TALK <USER or PORT>
7104003 telnet 0x06 Connect to a remote NETSTAT host for login (try guest). TELNET <HOST>
7363052 timers 0x06 Lists the Perl scripts running on the real host of Telehack for providing the functionalities currently used in the virtual Telehack for a user.
6437242 traceroute 0x0A Show path to a host. TRACEROUTE <HOST>
3146531 type 0x04 Print contents of a file. TYPE <FILE>
7335662 units 0x05 Unit conversion
6327631 uptime 0x06 Time telehack has been up since last boot
4430164 usenet 0x06 Usenet archive circa 1981-1999
7173233 users 0x05 Show user table
6064170 uumap 0x05 Show UUCP map entry for a host. UUMAP <HOST>
1722027 uupath 0x06 Show path to host. UUPATH <HOST>
4072661 uuplot 0x06 Plot UUPATH to a host
0561676 vmsize 0x06 The size of the virtual memories used within the real Telehack system
- wall 0x04 Broadcast message to every user on the host as root. WALL <MESSAGE>
6233033 whoami 0x06 Display the the current username
1266770 xjoke 0x05 Show an animated joke
- xyzzy 0x05 Starts "The Interactive Original Adventure"
6753070 zrun 0x04 Show list of available Z-code games. ZRUN <GAME>
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