How To Connect To Remote HostsEdit

The simple answer is use the telnet or rlogin commands.

However, you can only connect to remote hosts which are listed in the netstat of your current host.

The servers are connected to one another in a chain or web. So let's assume you want to connect to chinet from telehack. You would have to connect to oddjob > gargoyle > chinet, telnetting to each in turn.

There are three commands which are useful in determining the path between your current server and a specific remote host: uupath, uuplot, and traceroute. These commands offer basically the same information, just in a different format.

uuplot gives an ascii representation of all the possible paths from the current host to the target host. This can be useful to find routes around hosts running portblock.

uumap is also useful, in that it gives extra information about the remote host, including the server owner and the other hosts connected to it. There is a phone number listed here, which you can sometimes dial and connect via modem, but if you haven't already gained login using porthack, you can only login as guest.

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