During the years, since Telehack first appeared, several articles have been written about the game. This list details these articles by date and country.


Germany - Spiegel Online - Seltsame Zeitmaschinen (


United States - Telehack: A Retro Command-line Museum (Adafruit)
United States - Telehack Re-Creates the Internet of 25 Years Ago (


Czech Republic - muzeum Arpanetu (ABC Linuxu)


United States - Relive the Early Days of the Internet at Telehack (How-To-Geek)
United States - Telehack: A Faithful Recreation of the Retro Internet (Walyou)


France - Telehack – Découvrez l’Internet de papa (Korben)


France - Telehack, voyage virtuel en mode txt (Wastelander)


Germany - Telehack: Simulated ancient Internet (Crackjack)


United States - Telehack - stylized ARPANET/USENET simulation (Y-Combinator)


United States - Reading about (Aviflax)
United States - Andy Baio interviews the creator of Telehacks (RC3)
United States - Playable Archaeology: An Interview with Telehack's Anonymous Creator (Waxy)


United States - Because it's Friday: Telehack into the past (Revolution Analytics)


United States - Because It's The Weekend: Telehack Into The Past (Smart Data Collective)


Bulgaria - Интернет от 1985-2000 години (
Italy - Telehack, viaggio nel tempo in Rete (


United States - Hack virtual 1980s networks with Telehack (Techradar)


United States - Hack virtual 1980s networks with Telehack (All IT Review)


Germany - Früh übt sich was ein Hacker werden will: Telehack (


Brazil - Prepare-se, os jogos hacker estão começando (Techmundo)

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