This entry details all the changes made for Telehack as listed in changelog.

 # This file is in reverse chronological order.
  # Newest entries are at the top.
  prestonc added ftp host tunneling with comm.exe, what a relief.
  ZCHEAT.EXE has been added.
  The LOCK command has been added to lock your terminal.
  More lines have been added to PTYCON.
  ANTI.EXE from Egroj has been added.
  AUTOLOGIN.EXE has been added to send login credentials automatically.
  User Quantx has written TRANSCEND.BAS. It is available on host ODDJOB.
  COMM.EXE, an interactive modem with AT commands + 2 badges to go along with it.
  /S relay command has been added to sip easier than before.
  SYSLOGD notifications are now susceptible to data corruption.
  The MAC command has been added to look up the vendor of a MAC address.
  The HOME statement has been added to BASIC.
  HOSTS /STATS has been added to show host statistics.
  The CLS statement has been added to BASIC.
  The SET NICK command has been added. If another user mentions your username
  while you are in relay, a bell will be sent to your terminal. Use SET NICK to
  set additional nicknames that trigger a bell.
  The TTY and WRITE commands have been added on Unix hosts.
  A bug with the URL shortener in relay has been fixed.
  Autocomplete (tab completion) has been improved.
  The SUDO command has been added on Unix hosts.
  FINGER can now be used with NPC and other users on Unix hosts.
  Environment variables such as $HOST and $USER have been added on Unix hosts.
  The UPTIME command has been added on Unix hosts.
  Telehack user HM has written MASTERMIND.BAS. It is available in the
  main directory.
  The ROLL command has been added to roll animated dice.
  An RFC command has been added to read Internet Request for Comment (RFC)
  documents. Type RFC for an index or RFC <num> for a particular RFC.
  The ECHO command has been added. Options: /lc, /uc, /title, /inverse, /reverse
  The SORT pipe has been added to sort paginated output by a certain column.
  The WC pipe now supports -c (characters), -m (max length), and -w (words).
  Control-L now clears the screen as the CLEAR command does.
  If the name of an existing command is used as an alias, prefixing it with a
  slash will ignore the alias and execute the original command.
  The CLOCK command has been added to show the time in FIGlet. An alternate font
  can be specified with CLOCK <FONT>. Type FIGLET to list the available fonts.
  PING and TRACEROUTE are now logged to SYSLOG.
  The PIG command has been added to convert text to Pig Latin.
  BASIC should now be more responsive to control-C interrupts.
  SET FGCOLOR and SET BGCOLOR have been added. They also now will persist
  across screen mode resets. The color DEFAULT has been added to reset the
  color to the terminal default.
  STTY RESET will reset terminal attributes.
  New alias commands: SET ALIAS <alias> [command] and SHOW ALIAS [alias]
  Example: SET ALIAS J JOKE FOO  (This makes J and JOKE FOO equivalent)
  RELAY /who now shows the number of users in the header.
  New finger search: FINGER @*, FINGER user@*
  JOKE now takes an optional search argument to search for jokes containing a
  word or phrase. e.g., "joke pizza" will show a random joke containing the
  word 'pizza'.
  The FORWARD command has been added to mail.
  NPC users on hosts can now be fingered.
  New WEATHER command will show you weather information for your location
  or for another telehack user. (Strictly speaking, SHOW WEATHER).
  Telehack user anomaly has written egg.bas, located on host oracle.
  New alias wx for w /weather. Use /wx in relay.
  Also added /whox in relay.
  Added a /weather option to finger/w. You can also use /wx as a shorthand.
  The units will default to C or F depending on your location. You can
  override the default with SET TEMP <C|F|default>
  Added a privacy policy for telehack in the PRIVACY command or privacy.txt.
  Users are required to be at least 13 years of age unless they have parental
  consent to have an account on Telehack.
  New options added to USERS: USERS /level and USERS /badge=<badge>
  A system logging daemon has been added. It is required to receive certain
  types of notifications, including netlog messages.
  New command SCORE /badges shows a count of how many users have attained
  each badge.
  The TRON/TROFF commands have been added to BASIC.
  Any asymmetries in the netstat map should now be corrected.  Some hosts that
  were not connected to any other hosts should now be part of the uumap again.
  There is now a regex golf program for learning about and practicing regular
  expressions (regex).
  Files on hosts seen under guest logins are now the same as the files seen
  under a regular user login.
  The bug preventing the MITNICK badge from being awarded has been fixed.
  'stty reset' will reset the terminal mode back to defaults.
  remps has been moved from a command into an exe.
  remps.exe is limited to NETSTAT hosts.
  Added pager pipe options grep -c and wc -l
  e.g.  hosts | wc -l
        hosts | grep -c 'foo'
  Added options to USERS: /root /sysop /login /first
  Up and down arrow keys now work in the pager.
  octopus will now display arrow key escape sequences.
  The pager will no longer truncate lines longer than the width of
  the display.
  The baud rate is now restored after exiting a bbs.
  Added commands primes and rig. New emote command /mes added to relay.
  Command-line editing is now supported in readline. ^A=beginning of line
  ^E=end of line ^F=forward ^B=backward ^D=delete char.
  Added new commands rot13, morse and zipcode. ching is back.
  The old 'usenet' command is back on the unix hosts. Usenet
  can still be accessed through 'notes' on telehack main.
  Basic now supports 'GO TO', 'NEXT J,I', and dimensional arrays.
  show logins / show roots / show sysops have been updated to display hosts in
  the netstat format rather then the comma-separate list.
  There was a bug in BASIC which ran int() on any exponentiation with ^ or **.
  This prevented LEM.BAS from working correctly. It has been fixed so floating
  point numbers can now be used with ^ and **.
  Netstat now indicates systems that you have root on with a !.
  The bug where duplicate processes could be started on hosts has been fixed.
  cal now shows three months.
  The bug in lem.bas has been fixed thanks to jrandom:
    jrandom: lem has a bug. line 755: .0056 should be .00526
    jrandom: its also present on vintage-basic
    jrandom: its (apparently) a typo when entered from 101 Basic Computer Games
    jrandom: I compared it with a scan on 101 Basic Computer Games
    jrandom: Its rockt2 if I remember right
    jrandom: doing some more research, and it seems the 1978 version (original printing) has it too
  ^Z (control-Z) will now background relay, just as /bg does.
  inbound telnet now enabled on port 23..443..1337..8080..31173.
  ? /i - show invisible commands
  help /i - show invisible commands
  uuplot without an argument will now show a local map of porthacked hosts.
  uuplot now also shows more hosts than before.
  New SHOW & SET commands available. Type SET ? or SHOW ? for a list of
  options. "SET plan" allows you to add a message to your finger output.
  uupath now shows multiple routes to a host. Optionally, hosts to avoid may be
  specified, e.g. uupath sun sgi would show paths to sun that avoid host sgi.
  uuplot now indicates porthacked systems with a *.
  Added a way to do "long-distance" ftp.
  The killproc tool now accepts an hostname as argument.
  New badges.
  The 'run' command is back for user convenience.
  CP/M now supports FOOBAR~n.EXE naming style for XMODEM arguments,
  as shown in DIR.
  Added send /(un)block <user>
  All roots and processes have been cleared, and .exe files have been
  redistributed among the hosts.
  There are three new badges.
  Added the ftp command, you now need to upload your binaries to remote
  host before being able to run them.
  Added XMODEM to download files from BBS.
  Removed the static core.
  Re-run delays removed.
  Added support for background processes on the telehack node.
  Fixed a bug in commands argument parsing.
  Fixed a bug in the basic interpreter which caused hangs in the simulation.
  Added a log of previous SEND messages:
      send /log                      show log of previous sends
      send /log /clear               permanently delete the send log
  Fixed a bug in the mail command when sending multiple e-mails in the
  same 'mail' run.
  Fixed bug where you couldn't say "send <user>" or "finger <user>" in relay.
  Added new banners for well and netcom. Fixed banner display problem.
  Added 'units', a units conversion program.
  Added w /direct, to show which users are connected via direct telnet
  on port 23 vs. using the web interface.
  Removed the captcha on the newuser command so that users who rely on
  screen-readers to access Telehack can still register accounts.
  Added 'save' option to archive mail, vs. d or delete.  mail /save will
  recall old saved mail. Hit s<return> to save a message in mail.  Wrapping
  of long lines has been fixed; previously the end of line was truncated, now
  it will properly wrap.
  Removed the stampatello font for captchas, too hard to read.
  Improvements to basic: Fixed inkey$, input$, and peek 531. Added
  GET, which checks the keyboard for activity. Pasting text will
  no longer disconnect the user in basic sessions. PEEK now views
  live memory, not a static copy loaded when basic was started.
  Telehack now has an electronic mail system.  Email delivery is
  limited to telehack accounts.
  You can now add the host as an argument to porthack to bypass the
  "Continue" and host prompts (e.g. "run porthacK oddjob").
  New control-R quick relay feature: If relay is backgrounded (with /bg),
  ^R will pop into relay from anywhere and allow one line of relay entry.
  Fixed the bug with a host showing up in the rootlist more than once.
  It's now possible to get KILROY again.
  Badge descriptions are back.
  Added ching (I Ching, or the Book of Changes).
  Added figlet. Fixed figlet kerning.
  Added eliza.
  Added ability to get SYSOP status on the bbs systems.
  Added DIAL /log, to show the connection history for dial and wardial.
  ptycon line 27 has been fixed.  The bug with ostype HP-UX should be fixed.
  Added cal.  Also the factor command, to print prime factors of a number.
  Hackgame update:
      - You can run rootkit on any host that doesn't already have a rootkit
        running.  This will make you root there.
      - Rootkit requires an os-dependent support process to start; run it to
        find out which one you need. You'll find the support programs
        scattered around bbs systems. Use the file area to download the file
        to your static core, or try to RUN it from the CP/M shell to load it.
      - Root users can kill any process on a host, including user shell
      - There are 2 new programs which can kill a process: pdebug and
        killproc. You can use these to take root away from someone.
      - killproc only works on netstat-adjacent hosts, and requires root to run.
      - pdebug works on processes on the same host.
      - A rootkit proces can't be killed until all of the other user's
        processes have been killed (except shells). So running more processes
        on a host helps protect your rootkit from being killed.
      - There is a netlog program which will broadcast syslog events to you,
        wherever you are in telehack. This can give you advance warning that
        someone is trying to log onto one of your hosts or mess with your
  Added the Steve Jackson Games BBS, Illuminati Online. Also the fnord
  Finger from outside (remote finger) has been fixed. You can now finger
  <user> and finger @<host> again.
  Added the classic educational game Oregon Trail, available as oregon.bas.
  New hackgame progs include pdebug and killproc - which allow local and
  remote process killing, respectively. User shells may also be killed now.
  Added phoon - shows the current phase of the moon, or the phase of the moon
  on any given date.
  Added cowsay.
  Added a CP/M shell to BBS systems.
  Added background support to RELAY.  From inside of relay, type /bg to
  background relay but remain in chat.  From the shell, use RELAY <message>
  and RELAY /command to issue relay chat lines & commands.
  The bug in the BASIC interpreter affecting the variables a, s, c, l, and e
  has been fixed.  A crude TAB() function has been added.
  The hackgame is kind of in transition. Some of the old stuff is gone, but the
  new stuff is only partly finished, and I don't know if I'll keep it.  Please
  pardon the dust during the eternal construction.
  Added root-only command reboot, to reboot a host. Rebooting terminates
  every user session on the host.
  Added root-only command wall, to message everyone logged into a host.
  Added UUPLOT command to make an ascii graph of routes to a host.
  DIAL and wardial no longer add hosts to netstat. The netstat map is fixed,
  based on the old uucp maps.
  Added Joshua to the WOPR.
  Some ancient ascii animations are scattered through the filesystem as .exe's.
  Fixed CALL so direct entry points may be invoked without going through the
  system monitor.
  Some more hosts have been found and added into the map, including a number
  from MIT.
  uumap <host> command added.
  QUEST now lets you choose a new quest. If you get frustrated working on a
  quest, wait a while and type quest again. You will be given the option to
  choose a new quest.
  Added a command to force dumb-terminal mode on all zrun games: stty /dumb
  I added this to make it easier for non-sighted users to use telehack.
  use stty /ansi to turn the default ANSI mode back on.
  Added 'talk' program - interactive user-user chat
  Added 'octopus' program - translates keystrokes into oct/dec/hex/ascii
  /finger <user> now works in relay.
  Fixed a crash in the pager if your column width was set to 0 somehow.
  Added a kill command so you can kill your own logins.
  SEND <user> followed by return will go into send mode, so you don't have to
  retype the send command over and over to have a private conversation with
  Put a cap on the number of programs that can be in static core (LIST).
  The initial cap is 5.
  Added LOAD and UNLOAD commands to manage the process LIST.
  The captcha is a bit faster now and should not come up as much.
  Added uupath and traceroute to all network hosts.
  /log in relay now omits the enter and exit messages. Use /logfull to see
  the raw log including enters & exits.
  Added this changelog.

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