The CLONER badge is given to users, who found and ran the executable named cloner.exe. The exeutable can also be triggered at a certain memory address.

The executable is a reference to the Elk Cloner Virus, the first microcomputer virus, that has spread outside of a computer lab. The virus was written by Rich Skrenta, CEO of the Blekko search engine.

The virus was written on an Apple II machine, and it infected the boot sector of the floppy. When the floppy was loaded into the system, the virus was copied onto the memory, and it spread across newly inserted floppy disks. Without virus scanning software back in 1982 the virus infection rate was quite high and successful.

Every 50th boot with the virus active, a message was displayed as follows:

Elk Cloner:
The program with a personality

    It will get on all your disks
      It will infiltrate your chips
        Yes it's Cloner!

    It will stick to you like glue
      It will modify ram too
        Send in the Cloner!

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