Bots and the ArpanetEdit

The use of bots was wide spread on the Arpanet, preforming everything from file transfers to simple administrative tasks.

Telehack and BotsEdit

Like most MMO game the use of bots by players is strictly against the rules. Bots are defined as any data that is sent to Telehack that does not directly originate from your keyboard. Use of bots is grounds for a ban; however, you may also be forced to take a turing test as punishment if Telehack detects you are not a human. It should be noted that Telehack rarely, if ever, misclassifies people as bots.


In addition to the Operator, Telehack makes use of several non-player-accounts to simulate historical users that would have been logged into the various hosts. These NPAs have little to no interaction with users, aside from occasionally kicking hackers off of hosts.


Don't use bots, you'll get banned. End of story.