Badges are unlocked as certain tasks are achieved. Some are very easy and obvious, like the number of servers hacked. Others take some very specific actions, like 2600HZ.

You can see a list of badges in this article, or you can go the more challenging route and discover them on your own. (One way to discover them in Telehack is to use the finger command on other users.)

Gaining badges is the way to level up, i.e. increase your system level, along with increasing the amount of storage space on your telehack host.

List of known badgesEdit

Badge name Description
42 Hoopy Frood
2048 Everyone Played in 2014
2600HZ Captain Crunch
ACCT Registered User
ACKNAK Flowing Bytes
BABYLON First Dynasty
BRUTE May the FORCE be with you
BUTTERFLY Flip one bit
CBBS Ward & Randy
CLONER Send in the Cloner
CREATEFRAG Fragged the Telefrag Creator
DEPSECDEF Head of the Heads
DIRTYHARRY Are you feeling lucky, punk?
DOOTER Side with the Dooters
DTMF Wardial Access
EICAR You are infected!
FOUNDER 1000 days
FOOL Folly or Wisdom
HACK5 Hacked 5 network hosts
HACK10 Hacked 10 network hosts
HACK50 Hacked 50 network hosts
HACK100 Hacked 100 network hosts
HACKER Hack the Planet
HANGOVER No. 708/348
HCF The Killer Poke
HELO Message Delivered
HOTDOG Foot-long
IOCOM Illuminati Online
IMABAYASHI Warehouse Keeper
KEEPALIVE Connection Presserved
KGB Markus Hess
KILROY Kilroy was Here
KLEENE Regexpert
KONAMI Konami Code
LATENITE Go to sleep
LETMEIN Just a Lucky Guess
LIGHTMAN Shall we play a game?
LUNAR Lunar Lander
MATCHES Floppy Ears
MENCO Pirate Island
MITNICK Free Kevin
MOON Tranquility
NOOTER Noot noot
NETIZEN Emily Postnews
OPER System Operator
PCP Get Connected
PERMUSER Permanent User
PDEBUG Segmentation Fault
POSTMASTER I read your e-mail
POOTER Prestonc we miss you
RACER You want a piece of me?
RACE10 Won 10 races
RACE50 Won 50 races
RACE100 Won 100 races
CREATERACE Defeated the Race Creator
RTFM Was that so hard?
REGUSER Regular User
RETR Passive or Active
RETUSER Returned User
ROOT Got root?
SEEDER Share it
SPORTSTER Magic String
SPUTNIK Beep... Beep... Beep...
SSADB Secret Agent
SYSADM User Table Hacked
SYSMON System Monitor
SYSWATCH /dev/panopticon
TELEFRAGGER Get 10 kills in Telefrag
TELNET %already connected
TELEKOMBAT Defeat to Egroj!
TEXT/PLAIN against HTML e-mail
TIRED Do not operate heavy machinery
TOODER Side with the Tooders
TURING AI Complete
UNHALT Restarted the CPU
UUBOT Administrate
VADER Tarkin
WORM Blossom and Blood
WUMPUS Hunt the Wumpus
XYZZY Get lamp
ZOT Runestaff
ZEROCOOL Mess with the best

Special badges Edit

The following badges are only to be given through Forbin himself only. These badges are not available for regular players and users.

Badge name Description
OPER System Operator
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